Top 3 indian foods for weight loss

indian diet weight loss


It can help you lose weight in soo many ways.  its the combination of fibers and proteins which helps us to maintain our body weight and it gives you energy all day. if you eat oats as your morning breakfast 4hous before your workout helps you to burn more caloriesand extra body add oats to your weight loss diet  to maintain your body and be in good can use it as your morning meal its gives you enough energy to do work your best and its less in calories thats helps to reduce your weight so try to add this on your indian  diet plan.


As we know that our more than half of indian population only consumes vegetarian foods in indian diet so green vegetables is a good source to lose weight. in vegetables lots of minerals and vitamines present in it who helps to reduce your body weight so add on this to your indian diet plan to get results. its rich in minrels which provide you lots of strength and its also good for your hair try add more water and fresh vegetables in your indian diet plan and be fit.


Nuts are the great source of lean protien in comparision of other foods its less in calories but it helps to make your stomach fill all day and provide energy all day. if you add this in your indian diet its helps you to reduce your body weight 

They are rich in nutrition and protein which helps to improve your skin  and hair as well these are also very good for your hair growth and body metabolism so try to add these on your indian diet plan and to know more about healthy indian food visit indianmedi always.

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